Guild Website is Live!

Finally! After a few weeks of tinkering our website is finally live!

Even though this is a small guild that we do not expect will grow massively in member numbers, it is fun to do things properly and with enthusiasm. I thought that having a home online where guild members can refer to the rules, get technical support, and see planned event schedules would be helpful.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time during my regular working week, so I do not anticipate that I will be posting a lot of content here on a regular basis. However, I will do my best to keep the information on this site as up to date as I can to reflect the guild’s activities and meet our members needs. I would like to invite guild members to send me suggestions via the contact form at the top on this site with suggestions on what kind of content would make sense to see here. I would also be greatly appreciative if anyone wants to volunteer their help to manage some of the content here and post interactive content on our blog. Please let me know if anyone has an interest to do so.

The guild rules basically spell out the dos and don’ts and we expect that all guild members know and abide by them. We do not want to make this a strict, rule-nazi kind of community, but we do need some basic ground rules to keep the guild running smoothly. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and ask that each of our members take personal responsibility to help us keep this guild a friendly, fun, and safe community to socialize in.

We would also like to call out any significant events, achievements, and celebrations that our members would like to share. We all have busy lives and there is a lot going on, but we also do want to recognize and celebrate those moments when our members have reason to be happy. I encourage our members to share any news with Qairon to place on this blog if they so wish.

Any constructive criticism that create better value for our community is very welcome. This is a guild for the community members, so I am more than happy to have our members take part in making this a fun online home. I wish everyone the best of fun; see you all in-game!


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